PERCoGS Mentoring Program

Thanks for being interested in the PERCoGS Mentoring Program. There are two forms below: Mentee Form and Mentor Form. You can complete both if you'd like to be a mentor and also a mentee!

To be a mentor we ask that you:

  • Have completed most of your course work

    • Masters students and PhD students are welcome!

  • Have experience with conducting Physics Education Research

  • Have enthusiasm for supporting junior scholars

To be a mentee:

  • Anyone that is a graduate student!

  • Be interested in PER, even if that isn't your major field of study

    • Asking whether you count as a PER person is like asking if you should put on safety glasses: if you're wondering, then the answer is YES.

We aren't able to support undergraduate students yet.

So you've completed the mentee/mentor form:

  1. PERCoGS will read your responses.

  2. We will contact prospective mentors/mentees.

  3. You will get an email from a prospective mentor/mentee to meet.

  4. Let us know if you are happy with your mentor/mentee!

    1. If you are not happy with your mentor/mentee, we are happy to help you find someone you're happier to pair with.


  • Meet regularly

    • That can look like an hour a month or once a week. Whatever works for both of you!

  • If you feel uncomfortable, please let us know.

  • Adhere to the AAPT Code of Conduct

photo of Danny Doucette

Mentor: Danny Doucette

I finished my PhD at the University of Pittsburgh in 2021 under the supervision of Chandralekha Singh. My research focused on introductory physics labs and equity, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. I’m currently a teaching assistant professor at North Carolina State University, where I am teaching introductory courses and leading efforts to transform a lab course. Through PERCoGS and serving on AAPT committees, I’ve learned a lot about how the physics education and PER communities work. I’ve also written quite a bit (and had many papers rejected) for a variety of publications. As a mentor, I think I would be able to help you strategize for a career in PER, and I could also support your scientific writing. Find out more about me at or contact me at

Mentor: Diana Sachmpazidi

Diana's profile will be coming soon

Mentor: Devyn Shafer

Devyn's profile will be coming soon