What is PERCoGS?

The Physics Consortium of Graduate Students (PERCoGS) is the body officially tasked with representing the PER Graduate Students (PERGS) at large. PERCoGS is made up of 4 elected members (Executive Committee) and any graduate students who serve on an AAPT committee and wants to join PERCoGS (AAPT Liaisons). The PERCoGS duties job is create and manage structure that allows the PERGS to stay better connected and informed as well as help prepare PERGS to more fully participate in the greater PER community once we graduate. 

A PER Graduate Representative Council was elected at the summer 2012 AAPT meeting to create the structure and goals of PERCoGS. Officers (President, PERLOC representative, secretary, and publicist) were elected in the Spring of 2013 to continue developing and maintaining its structure and flow. Most of the positions turn over on a yearly basis.

To contact PERCoGS, email us at <percogs.excom@gmail.com>