Getting Involved

Contribute to the PERGS Site!

PERCoGS would love to make the site as useful as possible for graduate students. We welcome content contributions, suggestions for improvement, and corrections/clarifications at < percogs.excom at>.

Become a Member of PERCoGS

PERCoGS hosts elections every year - with nominations starting in March. The President, GPER Representative, and PERLOC member are each two-year terms (elected on alternating years), and Secretary and Publicist are each 1-year terms. The President, Secretary, GPER Representative, and Publicist are elected by PER graduate students, and the PERLOC representative is elected by members of PERTG. Note: People who graduate mid-term are still able to complete their term when they are no longer graduate students.

A critical component of PERCoGS functionality is that we work collaboratively and share the majority of our tasks. Each PERCoGS officer takes the lead on several items.

  • President – Ensures PERCoGS continues to serve the current needs of PER graduate students by setting meeting agendas, and overseeing AAPT Professional Skills sessions and Topical Discussions.

  • Publicist – Ensures communication with PER Graduate students through avenues such as email announcements, newsletters, and Google+ notifications.

  • Secretary – Ensures smooth running of meetings and documentation of PERCoGS activities, which includes taking notes, scheduling meetings and maintaining newsletters.

  • PERLOC Representative – Maintains communication between PER Graduate students and PERLOC.

  • GPER Representative – Maintains communication between PER Graduate students and GPER.

  • AAPT Committee Liasons – Maintains communication between AAPT Committees and PERCoGS. Any graduate student who is also a member of an AAPT Committee can join PERCoGS.