Newsletter Articles by Topic

Communicating in Physics Education Research

  • Advice about Writing and Publishing from some Experts (Charles Henderson and Noah Finkelstein, Newsletter 7)
  • Blogging in Physics Education ( Brian Frank, Newsletter 3)
  • Getting Your Work Out into the Community (Bethany Wilcox, Newsletter 4)
  • Making Beautiful Posters (Ellie Sayre, Newsletter 2)
  • Writing a Useful Review for Physical Review Physics Education Research (Charles Henderson, Newsletter 8)
  • Writing Good Negative Reviews (Rachel Scherr, originally published in Newsletter 1, updated in Newsletter 13)
  • Advocating on Capitol Hill: Why, How and When (Scott Franklin, Newsletter 13)
  • Presenting an 8-Minute Talk (Trevor Smith, Newsletter 13)
  • Using Social media for My Professional Presence (Natasha Holmes, Newsletter 15)

Grad Student Life

  • Community Support and Persistence: My Story of Grad School Parenting (Eleanor Close, Newsletter 3)
  • Work-Life Balance: Different Alternatives (Sam McKagan, Newsletter 6)
  • Work-Life Balance: Finding a Dynamic Balance (Michael Wittmann, Newsletter 6)
  • Leveling Up Your Academic Self (Brian Danielak, Newsletter 6)
  • Making Friends in PER and Beyond (Ben Van Dusen, Newsletter 5)
  • No es Mas Que un 'Hasta Luego': The Fruits of Two Wonderful Years (Enrique "Henry" Suarez, Newsletter 5)
  • Parenting in Graduate School (Ben Dreyfus, Newsletter 3)
  • The Longest Walk (Charles Ramey, Newsletter 8)
  • Work-Life balance: Unstable Equilibrium (Mary Bridget Kustusch, Newsletter 6)
  • Saying "No" (Geraldine Cochran, Newsletter 12)
  • Rejecting the Million-Hour Workweek (Cassandra Paul, Newsletter 15)


  • Attending an International Conference as an Undergraduate Student (Emily Lewanowski-Breen, Newsletter 11)
  • A (Brief) Overview of (Some) Conferences in PER (Daryl McPadden, Newsletter 16)

Careers in Physics Education

  • Being Part of a Community: Views from a Brazilian Researcher (Katemari Rosa, Newsletter 9)
  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust our Group (Danny Caballero with contributions from Vashti Sawtelle, Newsletter 4)
  • My Job Search Experience (Geraldine Cochran, Newsletter 1)
  • My Job Search Experience (Jen Richards, Newsletter 1)
  • My Post Doc Experience (Katie Hinko, Newsletter 7)
  • Negotiating the Ups and Downs of Post Docs and International Opportunities (Christine Lindstrøm, Newsletter 7)
  • Reflections on Being a Post Doc (Paul Irving, Newsletter 7)
  • Student Identity and the Transition from K-12 to University Teaching (Jason Morphew, Newsletter 9)
  • Transitioning from Research to K-12 Teaching (Colleen Nyeggen, Newsletter 9)
  • Questions I Should Have Asked About Graduate Schools (Jayson Nissen, Newsletter 11)

AAPT Meetings

  • First-timers Guide to AAPT (Newsletter 2, Newsletter 5, Newsletter Special Issue 2)
  • My AAPT Newbie Experience (Newsletter 3)
  • Cards of Affirmation (Newsletter 3)
  • AAPT Winter Meeting 2015 Highlights: Becoming a Part of the Community (Gina Quan, Newsletter 4)
  • A Reflection on the Creating Inclusive Environments at Conferences Panel (Gina Quan and Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Newsletter 9)
  • A Summary of the Winter AAPT Professional Skills for Graduate Students - Equity in PER (Lisa Goodhew, Newsletter 9)
  • Discussing PER Paradigms at AAPT (Gina Quan, Newsletter 6)
  • Theoretical Frameworks Explained at AAPT (Lindsay Owens, Newsletter 8)
  • Professional Skills for Graduate Students Session: Writing and Reviewing PERC Papers (Lisa Goodhew, Newsletter 12)
  • Takeaways on Networking from PERCoGS' Professional Skills Session at the Winter 2019 AAPT Meeting (Lisa Goodhew, Newsletter 15)
  • Mentoring Panel Discussion (Hannah Sabo)

Research Methods and Work

Institutions and Grants

  • Governing Structures in PER (Daryl McPadden, Newsletter 8)
  • How to Apply for a PERTG Travel Grant (Leslie Atkins Elliott, Newsletter 7)
  • Lessons Learned (and Still Used!) from the GRFP (Daryl McPadden, Newsletter 5)
  • My Experience Learning to Write NSF Grants (Amy Robertson, Newsletter 2)
  • What is PERLOC? (MacKenzie Stetzer, Newsletter 2)

Equity, Diversity & Accountability in PER (Special Issue 3 & others)

  • A Model for Self-Accountability in Academia (Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Regan Byrd, and Simone Hyater-Adams, Newsletter 14)
  • Decolonization? Starting Points of Two Journeys (Angela Little and Ayush Gupta, Newsletter 14)
  • Critical Theory Starting Points for Disability and Race (Adrienne Traxler, Newsletter 17)
  • Physics Education Research and Disability (Erin Scanlon, Newsletter 17)
  • The "Problem" of Women in Physics (Laura McCullough, Special Issue 3)
  • Expanding the Diversity of Graduate Physics (Deepa Chari, Special Issue 3)
  • The Question of Inclusiveness (Juan Burciaga, Special Issue 3)
  • An Experience of STEM and Cultural Support through SACNAS (Ximena Cid, Special Issue 3)
  • Report on LGBT+ Climate Presented at AAPT Winter Meeting (Tim Atherton, Special Issue 3)
  • The IMPRESS Program at RIT (Sam Cammarata and Paul Owens, Special Issue 3)
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion within Education, Science, and Policy (Liz Glaser, Special Issue 3)
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity in Ireland from a Venezuelan Perspective (Claudia Fracchiolla, Special Issue 3)

Creating Culture in PER Research (Special Issue 2)

Journeys to PER Research (Special Issue 1)