PERCoGS Symposium Series 2021

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Monday 21 June at 7pm CDT (8pm EDT, 5pm PDT)
Dr. Simone Hyater-Adams

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Becoming an Agent of Change in Physics

My path through physics is non-traditional in many ways, and it serves as an example of how the physics discipline can fail Black students even when we are seen as high achieving. In this talk, I will discuss my physics journey, and how I found myself in a career that is focused on pushing the field of physics to become a more equitable space for Black folks. Because my experiences resonate with research findings from studies I have conducted, I will use excerpts from my study participants to demonstrate some common themes of experience for Black physicists. I will wrap up the talk with some ideas about how other members of the physics community can learn to become an agent of change, and what ongoing initiatives are looking to make the field more equitable and just.

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